AUD/USD, in a bear hug!

mario urlic aud-usd 18.11.

Aussie can’t get out of the bear hug as well, sellers are ready at H4 down trend each time when the buyers try to respond. The resistance is providing the H4/MA100 as well (red), you can see the several burned candles under the line. The previous resistance at 0.7070 stoped the fall yesterday and return the pair just under the down trend line again today, but there is no enough strenght to brake that true. First resistance on the way up is 0.7115/20, where the trend line and MA100 is placed as well, follows 0.7130/40, stronger at 0.7150/80. On the way back down, first support for Aussie is at 0.7100/090, intra-day at 0.7060/80, stronger at 0.7000/30. If we take a closer look, moving in between support at 0.7060/80 and down trendline is descending triangle and based on that, furder fall could be inevitable if the sellers broke support. US dollar is taking a breath for a while, but, here is not much action for now.

Important! FOMC minutes, today at 19:00 h (GMT).

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