EUR/USD, sellers and buyers teritory!

mario urlic eur-usd 13.11.

Euro is trying to recover some loss, after 5 days in a row defending of 1.0700. As I pointed in my previous EUR/USD analysis, the pair has find sellers bellow 1.0850 and this is the first serious resistance on the way up. But, the buyers teritory is way above that level at 1.1150 and that is the level where the buyers can say that, they have returned in the game. First supprot on the way down is 1.0750, follows 1.0700 > stronger one at 1.0650/80. Above that level, the euro still got the chance to bounce up, but bellow, the previous multiyear low at 1.0460/500 will be in danger and the bears will be tempted to break it. It’s not so interesting in the last couple of days here at the major currency pair in the market. Hope that something will start to happening soon. US retail sales data is coming up in about 30 minutes 13:30 h (GMT), that could be a trigger for sure.

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