This is why I didn't recomend trading on gold today!

gold 01 12.2

Did you expect this reversal on gold? Of course not, and that’s why I wrote last night on my gold analysis that I don’t recomend trading on gold, not today! As you can see, gold fails to attack 1130 even everthing was technicaly pointed that will happen last night. But, bulls was showed their strenght again at 1146/48 and push the gold up this morning to the 1178/80 resistance one more time. First attack on resistance failed, and gold was at 1184 high, but bulls want to take that level. Amaizing development as I suspected and all I can do is watch how and where will this fight ended today!?



  • 1199 high! 🙂


    • Just like you have said, the bulls want that level to be taken and they took it! 🙂 Amaizing day on gold. I would never predict this after Swiss referendum failed.

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      • I assumed this is going to happen, but I don’t trade on assumptions, altough I should after bears fail to take 1148. This was technicaly clear entry, but as I have already mentioned, this was a few days for the big players on gold! I just enjoy watching ‘the game’. 😉


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