GOLD, steady near 5 years low, but…

mario urlic gold 09.11.

The sellers remain in control. The precious metal is holding steady near the 5 years low and the low from 2015. Sure, the sellers would like go a step lower, maybe even to try the low from February 2010., 1044 level!? Today, gold buyers showed the will to recover the shiney metal, but they have manage to reach only 1094, not near the first serious sellers at 1098/1105. On that small rebound, the sellers immediately took over and returned the gold down to the opening level at 1089.50, there is no sign to recovery again today, despite US dollar weakness all over. Profit tanking? Possible, but follow these level in this new week. Let’s see how serious the sellers will become if they reach 1077/80. This will be interesting, there is no doubt here.

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