NFP and US unemployment rate, coming up!


This could be a ‘huge mover’ today, because, it could be an indicator for December FED’s meeting and for decision of the possibility for the rate hike. Sure, there is no guarantees the FED will do that in 2015., but on my point of view, today’s much better numbers could move the market strongly in favor of the US dollar and break some important technical levels for the up coming weeks. You know, that the market could also react in the opposite direction as well. My advice is, don’t gamble today. Usualy, I am trading NFP, but today I will not even follow the data. I am going on trip before everything and I will continue my analysis and trading next week, after the storm.

13:30 h (GMT) – Nonfarm Payrolls, previous 142K > consensus 180K.

13:30 h (GMT) – US Unemployment Rate, previous 5,1% > consensus 5,1%.

Warning_icon mala 30

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