EUR/USD, down on Yellen!

mario urlic eur-usd 04.11.

Well, the EUR/USD fall is not surprise any more and on every comment, whether is from Draghi or Yellen, the pair is falling sharp. Today, the bears have reached the stong support at 1.0800/50, with low of the day at 1.0844 for now. Could we call this level support any more? Hardly. If this levels breaks, the next station could be 1.0620/70 and then, the low of 2015. will be near and for sure, the next target for the bears. I use to write, who can fight vs US dollar in 2015. and it turned up to be a mission impossible for the opponent. What will happen in December if FED hikes and ECB extend QE? It could be a very nice Christmas for traders. Watch technical levels furder, it’s the only way by wich you can trade.

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