EUR/USD, promises, promises!

mario urlic eur-usd 29.10.

Santa Draghi and Santa Yellen have promised a lot for December in the last couple of days, and of course that the EUR/USD felt it immediately, but the December is far away. Well, let’s put that promises aside and see what we have technicaly now, after this preaty huge fall. The buyers have waited above the strong 1.0800/50 support and hold the free fall for now at 1.0896, after wich they have return 50 pips loss for now. As I see it, first minnor resistance on the way up is 1.0950/60, stronger at 1.1000/20, the previous support and target for the bulls could be 1.1115/35. Could the bulls return at least this last yesterday’s fall or the bears will took over again and push down to 1.0800? We could see some action soon, the US GDP data is coming at 12:30 h (GMT). It could be interested again with US dollar.

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