FED – Interest rate decision!

mario urlic yellen fed

FED’s meeting coming up today at 18:00 h (GMT). Interest rate decision (official 0,25%) and monetary policy statement, without press conference. I wrote about all the previous FOMC meetings in this year and the possibility to raise interest rates and I must repeat that, I can’t see that will going to happen in this year. There is to many dovish members of the FOMC, which I wrote about and made a graphic for you and the decision is going to be very dificult when it comes to that moment. What could we expect today? No changes in policy and ‘dirty talk’, what else!? Sure, it’s not a rule and we can’t know exactly what is going to happen, that’s why we must be very careful in the market, any ‘surprise bomb’ could make a huge move in the US dollar price. That’s why stay alert and follow the news today.

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