ECB > Interest rate decision!

ecb draghi

In the last two weeks ‘the market talks’ about possible QE extension, but I don’t expect that will happen today. Mr.Draghi have said that, the QE program is giving expected results so far and based on that, there is no need for extension on my oppinion. Could we expect a rate cut? I don’t see that either as a possible scenario now. All what Mr.Draghi could do is to be dovish in his speach, as he use to be. I wrote for several times in my articles, when Mr.Draghi talk, short euro is sure thing! It’s always interesting in the market with euro pairs during the Mr.Draghi’s press conference, be very careful!

11:45 h (GMT) – ECB Interest rate decision!

12:30 h (GMT) – ECB Monetary policy statement and Press conference! LIVE Webcast

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