EUR/USD, could we see 1.1500 before Draghi?

mario urlic eur-usd 21.10.

Well, the pair is set for this possible solution for sure, but for the beggining 1.1380/400 must be broken. I point at this levels in my previous EUR/USD analysis from October 19. The support at 1.1280/300 was serious and the pair bounced up from that level yesterday, but the sellers at 1.1380 were ready and US sesion returned the pair back down again. Europe is pushing up again today and here we are again, with 1.1376 high for now. On the way back, 1.1350/60 is first support now, 1.1330/40 second and 1.1280/310 the stronger one. For now, the pair is moving in between H1/MA100&200. Tomorow is the EBC’s interest rate decision and Mr.Draghi in the middle of the day (GMT), so this could be an interesting day before that, let’s see!?

Edit 11:29 (GMT+2): The sellers have took over near 1.1380 again. Take a look how this looks like at H4 chart. This triangle could hold the pair and spoil the possible excitement today.

mario urlic eur-usd 21.10.-2

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