GBP/USD, 'fibo stairs' again!?

mario urlic gbp-usd 07.10.

The Pound has find a bottom at October 01., after nine falling days in a row. Could we have another climb back over the fibo stairs, like it was in the middle of September? It looks to me that the the Pound could cover 38.2 fibo return today, but it will be interesting to see how the bulls will manage that level? At 1.5321 is daily MA200 and that will be the first test for them, 1.5320/40 could be the resistance, previous strong support from September. There is also H4/MA 100 at 1.5302. If they manage to brake this resistance, the road to 50.0 > 61.8 fibo could be open. On the way back, this trendline could be the first minnor support at 1.5270, second the stronger one is 23.6 fibo at 1.5230. This could be interesting to follow, again.

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