GOLD, shiny metal holding gain of NFP!

mario urlic gold 06.10.

There is no rate hike from FED and the question is whether it will be in 2016. as well, but the gold is still shy. On the other hand, it keeps the gain from Friday after NFP. The gold jumped to 1140 and that is the resistance which I mentioned in my gold analysis from September 28. This is the third day in a row in wich gold can’t manage that level, but the gold remain bullish anyway. Daily MA100 was ‘the problem’ for the bulls in the last three attacks as well and the line is placed today at 1143.80. Down trendline is now at 1149.50, after wich comes the reistance at 1152/57. On the way back, there is minor support at 1130, the stroner one at 1120/23. There is not much important news until Thursday from the US market, maybe we could see more action then!?

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