USD/JPY, boring daily triangle!

mario urlic usd-jpy 30.09.

There is more then 20 days behind us in wich USD/JPY is moving in between this two trend lines. It’s not strange move after the strom and biggest daily fall since 1998. Daily MA200 is helping the sellers at aprox 120.90 if the trendline fail, support on the 119.00/30 is the place for the buyers. Is it time for the pair to move strongly? Could we see another attack lower? Well, the first support must be broken at 119.00 after wich there is several more buyers teritories, all the way to 118.20. On the way up, as I mentioned, there is trendline, after with there is daily MA200 at 120.90, resistance at 121.00/20 > 121.50/70, outer trendline and Daily MA100 at 122.40 now. Well, this is not interesting for me to follow and to trade, how about you? It’s the end of the month, end of the quarter, well.

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