EUR/USD, in between daily MA100 & 200!

mario urlic eur-usd 22.09.

Daily MA100 is placed at 1.1148 and daily MA200 at 1.1211 and that is todays EUR/USD range. The pair is also broke H4/MA200 (yellow) and as you can see, it can’t go back over. Yesterday I wrote about this possible channel brake and decline and I was wright, the euro is falling furder. Based on the last three days here, you can see that the FED’s move was highly expected and that wasn’t surprise for the most of the big players in the market. The euro don’t have enough support for furder gain and it looks like the furder fall is clear now. Next target for the bears is 1.1100 and if that level breaks, we could see the EUR/USD at 1.1000 again, where I see the bigger support. Let’s follow the pair and see what will happen next!?

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