Judgment day is here, or? FED interest rate decision!

FOMC members 2015

Will this really be judgment day or just an ordinary day with a lot of expectations? All I can do today is, to repet my article from June 17. I made this DOVE/HAWK/MODERATE chart before last meeting, so that we could more precisely see which members are more or less dovish/hawkish. As you can see, there is more dovish FOMC members with average of 1.8 in total, which is not near for the easy hike rate decision in 2015. Data dependent members are: Janet Yellen, Stanley Fischer, Daniel Tarullo, Jereme H. Powell and Jeffrey Lacker. William C. Dudley think that hike rates is premature, Charles L. Evans is for latter hike, Jonh Dennis P. Lochart and John C. Williams are for the rate hike in 2016. Leal Brainard have no statement yet. Well, I wrote in my previous FOMC articles in 2015., that I don’t expect rate hike in this year and based on the previous FOMC meetings in this year, it’s not likely from FED to hike today as well. The saga could be continued until the next meeting and some more!? But, it’s all data dependent, how they like to say mostly. Important datas are not in their favor for now, it will be interesting to see how they will explain that today, more dovish or maybe hawkish!? Any tightening of monetary policy or rate hike could strongly boost US dollar, be aware of that! Interest rate is 0,25% now.

I don’t recomend trading today until you are not experienced enough, sharp moves are possible all over the market!

18:00 h (GMT) – FED Interest rate decision!

18:30 h (GMT) – FED Monetary policy statement and Press conference!

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