Have you traded FED's decision? I am!

mario urlic trading FED

FED stays at 0,25% and I took that opportunitie at EUR/USD. I am already out, closed my long at 1.1408, but here is how I did it and why, where I have placed my long, target, my SL, everything. I wrote about my expetations with the interest rates for several times, I just waited for the confirmation and do it. While Flo Rida was flying down, I was flying up and catch almost 100 pips in this trade. Funny chart isn’t it? 🙂 Sometimes I have so much confidence in my analysis and predictions that I can have fun and trade. Listen to music, relax and trade during the important event like this. Well, I am out until tomorow, I don’t want to wait Press Conference in the position. Have a great night, I will!

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