EUR/USD, NFP move!

mario urlic NFP september 2015

I capted the move in the M5 chart today, take a look how the EUR/USD have reacted during the NFP data release today. At first, the NFP numbers were out and the pair jumped to 1.1184 high, only second latter, the Average Earnings was released and the numbers were in the line of expetations, moment latter Unemployement data was out, better then expetation, the pair fall for 100 pips back, exactly to the support from yesterday. Support level stoped the fall again, there is daily MA100, H4 MA200, previous support, trendline… The buyers have decided that the data are mixed and that this is not clear for the possible rate hike in September and they pushed the pair back to the begining at 1.1145, the level before the show. Well, the numbers are better for the US dollar now and the sellers could try to brake this support again. As I said yesterday, closing the day bellow this level could give the US dollar additional strenght for the next week. Let’s see could the bulls defend this today!? For better technical view, check my EUR/USD analysis from yesterday. I am out for this week, have a great weekend. 😉

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