GBP/USD, all supports are broken!

mario urlic gbp-usd 02.09.

Trend lines, support levels, daily moving averages 100 & 200. Is there anything else? The Pound is falling for 7 days in a row, breaking all supports in front. Decline started from the level 1.5800, only one day after the bulls have manage to broke strong weekly resistance at 1.5650/700. The pair reached 1.5263 low for now, where is the minor support level, the pair could take a brake for a while. But the bears are aiming 1.5000 level for sure. Could they reach that? For now, targets for the bears are 1.5160 > 1.5100 > 1.5000. On the way up, 1.5300/50 is first resistance, MA200 is placed at 1.5365 for now, 1.5400 is the next stronger resistance. But, I don’t see any attempts for the possible recovery, the bulls have retreated to lower levels!?

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