EUR/USD, where are the buyers?

mario urlic eur-usd 31.08.

Last week was furious at EUR/USD. The pair opened the week at 1.1370, fly high immediately on Monday to 1.1712 after wich the easy fall has started. Previous strong weekly resistance at 1.1430/70 stoped the fall and reject the pair up to 1.1550, but that was the only support after wich the sellers have took over the pair again and reutrn it down, slowly with no major supports at all until end of the week. The pair ended the week in red at 1.1187! At the begining of this week the pair started as the last one bullish, supported with H4/MA100 at 1.1175 and with up trend line as well, wich has pushed the pair up to 1.1260, but the sellers were ready again and return the euro down to 1.1200 for now. I am searching the buyers teritory, but it’s not clear to me where is it now?  How do you see this pair traders!?

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