GOLD, everything as per rules!

mario urlic gold 26.08.

Sure you’re remember my gold analysis/predictions and my predicted possible target for the bulls, yes it happened just like I say it would. After gold was hit at daily MA100 and 1163/68 level, that was it for this time. You have notice for sure that, the gold didn’t react on the US dollar breakdown on Monday and that was the first sign of this weakness and retreet to the lower levels. Here we are today, gold is testing minor support level at aprox 1130 and here is my view of the possible developments in the next couple of days or weeks. Gold could bounce from this level up, but I doubt that this could happen, the target on my view could be 1105/15 again. Sure, must watch this level now and see what will happen here in the next few days, after wich could become clear for this possbile move. This could become H&S, with 1105/15 as a neckline and 1130/35 as shoulder, hope you see that as I do. Let’s see!?

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