GBP/USD, the bulls are busted!

mario urlic gbp-usd 26.08.

The Pound is falling like a rock and it looks like there is no end, but this level may stop this fall!? First there is outer level trendline here at 1.5514, second one is up trendline at 1.5485, strong previous support at 1.5430/70, daily MA100 at 1.5462… Is there anything else available on the tech charts? I don’t see it. Huge daily decline which has easy erased 11 or 12 days of growth and brake true the 1.5700 resistance. Every support is erased today, if there was any? Wow, what a turnover here, let’s see how will this ended today!? I wouldn’t be on the bulls side now, no way! There is no mercy for them today. Btw. this is one more pair which I analyzed at August 13., and predicted movement and exact level which will be reached!

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