EUR/USD, after the storm!

mario urlic eur-usd 25.08.

Are you surprised on the latest moves? I am not! I wrote about this in my EUR/USD analysis from August 08. You have seen my analysis from Friday as well, everything was set properly for this attack of 1.1420/70 and the euro bulls have took the advantage of the weak US dollar. Well, here we are today, we have new levels here, the new 7 month high, 1.1712. The selleres have take that place for now, as I see it, this was support from November 2005. Let’s say that we have a new strong resistance at 1.1690/715, bellow that level we have another one at 1.1615/25. Support starts at 1.1480/510 and 1.1420/50 should be a strong one. That is the level which must be defended by the bulls on the way down!

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