EUR/USD, hard on the way up, easy back down!

eur-usd july 14.

I am following EUR/USD at M5 chart, which is unusual for me, but take a look at my analysis here. How easy the bears are returning the lost teritory now, pip by pip. Like there is no buyers at all!? Even the pair has broke daily MA100 on the way up at 1.1018 and reach high of 1.1082, the sellers have take over, you can see how and were. 4 burning M5 candles which shows how sellers are serious there, after which they have formed selling teritory and start to puch back, easy true the supports and MA’s. This selling have turn over a nice bullish day in to bearish daily red candle for now. Where the pair could end the day? Who knows, the bears will decide that. 1.1000 > 1.0990 could hold, but could the bulls strike back, where are they? Pussies! 🙂

Swissquote DEMO reklama

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