USD/JPY, is it enough for this time?

usd-jpy july 02.

In the last two days, the US dollars bulls are stubborn and they don’t want to take a brake here. But, the pair is aproached previous resistance at 123.75/85 and H4 down trend line now. The pair pass true the H4 MA100&200 and that could be a solid support now at 123.00 if the pair retreet back. USD/JPY still didn’t cover gap which was happen at Sunday opening, the pair close the last week at 123.79. Could it be reached today? Well, the resistance and trendline is slightly bellow that level and that could be a technical problem for that ‘mission’. Let’s see if the bulls have enough strenght for that, or this is it for now!? This pair and gold showing us, that there is no risk again. Well, is that strange or… Who cares, watch the technical levels.

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