GBP/USD, the Pound has found buyers at 1.5600!?

gbp-usd july 02.

Can we say that? It looks to me that this level at 1.1580/600 could support the Pound for now, from where the pair could try to recover to 1.5670!? Well, there is NFP coming today, that could be a trigger and it could brake this level if the data will be better, but let’s see until what will happen. The Pound didn’t manage to brake 50.0 fibo retracement from the huge July 2014./April 2015. fall before two weeks and from that level at 1.5900, the pair has retreeted at 1.5600 until today. Strongly bearish two weeks for the Pound. On the H4 chart, resistance is holding on the way up at 1.5615 for the last 15 hours, but the buyers are trying to brake that. Can they manage until the NFP numbers or that level will hold until then? We will see. Here are the daily levels to watch.

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