EUR/USD, tough day for the euro bulls, but…

eur-usd 24.06. M30

The levels are clear and accurate as they can be, in 1 pip. Strong support today, first at 1.1185/95, after at 1.1170 for hours. The pair jumped in the last hour, but trend line stoped the euro at 1.1220, where the previous resistance was placed today, another trend line as well. We can’t say that the euro is bullish today, but the buyers are serious here as we can see that, despite all the bad news from the Greece/EU meeting. Interesting day, there is no doubt about that. 1.11959 is now support here, 1.1170 the stronger one under. On the way up, 1.1220 is the first resistance, 1.1240/50 the second one. Let’s see what will happen here, big boys are on the move, we can follow! 😉 If euro manage to break true those levels 1.1220/50, everything could happen here. Fantastic!

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