EUR/USD, driven with Greek news!

eur-usd 22.06.

It’s not surprising that EUR/USD is moving like a roller coaster, ‘the Greek news’ changing the direction each hour. Failed documents from Greek government, not failed, the deal is near, the deal is not near… It could be a wild up/down ride until. On the other side, as I always write, technical still works and the support/resistance levels are still in place. After the news that Greek governmet have sended failed documents/proposal to EU monitors, the pair slided from 1.1393 to 1.1311 in one hour. Previous support and H1/MA100 has stop the fall and the pair has rebounded back to 1.1365, after the Greek government denied the news. Obviously, the sellers are placed bellow the resistance at 1.1380, but the buyers wan’t give up easy now. This is already interesting ‘fight’, there is more to come for sure. Be careful if you trade, sharp moves are inevitable!

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