EUR/USD, under heavy selling pressure !

eur-usd 16.06.

The pair is under strong pressure for 6 hours, reached 1.1208 low for now after 1.1328 high in the morning. The reason? There is no particular reason as I know, but I wrote today that, this will be the hard fight between bulls and bears here and someone will be busted at the end. Today, the ‘small longs’ were busted. Let’s see the rest of this ‘nasty trade’. The pair spend most of the time at 1.1250, between M15, M30 and H1 MA100 and 200, but support didn’t manage to hold the pressure and after 3 hours, the sellers broke that level. Here we are now, 1.1180/200 is the next support and this could hold on the way down for now, but could the pair rebound from this level up!?

One comment

  • Yea; On market we see the SL clearer with biiiiiiig ammout off mone but not from today from about 3-4weeks. market is manipulating a lot


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