GOLD, up trend line holds on the way down!

gold 03.06.

Gold didin’t move much in the last couple of days, as you see in my chat 1190 is the level where gold find the buyers in the last 6 days, but on the way up 1200/05 is the place where sellers are waits for now, the previous support from end of the May. First stronger support is  up trendline, 1178/80 is next, follows 1170/72. On the way up, 1200/05 is first resistance, 1220/23 second, the stronger one, resistance from March/April, 1132 is the third one, resistance from middle May. As I see it, the precious metal in neutral for now, but it would like to go higher. US dollar has returned a part of yestreday’s losses, let’s see what next!?

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