EUR/USD, 'Greek hope' is driving the euro!

eur-usd 03.06.

Great day yesterday. The euro has broke several important resistances on the way up, all because of the possible ‘Greek deal’. First resistance at 1.1000, second the stronger one at 1.1030/60, daily MA100, H4/MA 200 & 100, everything was ‘easy job’ for the bulls after wich they took important territory again. 1.1200 was the resistance they didn’t manage to brake, I was pointed at that level in my last EUR/USD analysis from May 28. On the wy down, first support is H4/MA100 at 1.1116, second is daily MA100 at 1.1078, where the buyers territory is at 1.1060/80. It’s possible that the buy orders are placed all the way to the 1.1000 now. Breaking of the 1.1200/10 could push the pair to the next level, 1.1260/70 > 1.1300/20.

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