EUR/USD, sharp decline countinues, possible H&S!?

eur-usd 27.05.

US dollar smashed the euro in the last several days, breaking important supports, but as we can see, there is no serious buyers for now. This level aprox 1.0790/820 could stop this fall for a while, but there is possible daily H&S formation if that support breaks. For that, EUR/USD must reached 1.0500 again. On the way up, 1.0900/20 could be the stronger resistance (trendline/previous resistance). Keep following, this could be very interesting now. I would not search for the long entry level at this pair, not yet. Observe these supports levels as possible next targets for the bears!


  • Fantastic prediction Mario, 1.0820 rejected the pair. For how long?

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    • Tnx Sandy, we will see for how long. On the way up, 1.0900/20 could be the stronger resistance.


      • Odakle ti ovaj level 1.0820 za podršku, točno se tu odbio. Drugo, kako si znao da će baš sada postati zanimljivo? Ono, prvo 1.0820, pa skoro 100 pipsova gore.

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        • To je bila podrška iz ovog tjedna 26.04., a kako sam znao da bi moglo postat zanimljivo baš sada? Eto, što ja kažem puno puta, feeling za tržište igra jako veliku ulogu svemu. No, mislio sam da neće više od 50 pipsova odraditi da budem iskren, negdje 1.0860/70, bez obzira što sam stavio taj otpor na 1.0900/20. Zanimljivo da.


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