GOLD, Tuesday is 'the $20 day'!

gold 26.05.

The precious metal lost $20 today, the same value as in last Tuesday. Gold opened the day near 1207 and start to fall slowly, but after the Europe market opened the door, gold fell sharply to 1195 support, but it continue the same after US sesion opening, after wich the outer and up trendline has stop the fall at 1186, just few dollars above the 1170/78 support. US dollar strenght lead the market again, USD/JPY broke strongly up today at 8 years high level, EUR/USD down again… Well, it would be interesting to see is there any gold buyers here, or the gold will look up for them lower at 1170>1160> 1140!? It doesn’t look promising for now, lower levels are possible if this trendline supports breaks. Let’s see!?

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