Six hours without telecommunications, LIVE police action in my town!

stone age1

Stone Age in my office/city today! 🙂 All telecommunications were broken for six hours. No phone lines, no cell phone signals, no internet! News portals are writing about fiber optical cable failure, but there is maybe a diferent story about this!? All day the city was under siege by the armed special police, who were caught and arrested several drug dealers. There is speculation that interrupted communication in the city area was caused by the special police, in order to prevent communication between the fugitives. Whatever the reason was, the whole city area completely stopped and went back to the Stone Age for 6 hours. Well, it wasn’t interesting for me in the market, but it was in my city, LIVE action movie scenes! This was the reason why I didn’t continue with my gold live trading here, which was ended at my stop loss btw. But, thumbs up for the Croatian special police forces!

specijalac du1

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