EUR/USD, this is the buyers teritory!

eur-usd 20.05.

The euro can’t catch a breath! The bears are too serious and they have reached 1.1060, my predicted ‘last important’ support at EUR/USD. As you can see, this level stoped the fall for now, but what next? Could this pair continue this fall furder? Well, 1.1130 is broken, but it’s not confirmed. H4 candle could close above and that could become a fail brake. That’s why I pointed the 1.1130/1.1060 as support level, or as a buyers teritory. Furder fall is possible as well, on my view more as search for liquidity, or let’s say stop loss hunting. I point that too at my previous analysis/chart. Let’s see how will buyers react now!? I am not in position.

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