ECB's Couere speach was published to late!?

coeure ecb

Acording to the Forexlive and Adam Button, a speech from ECB’s member Coeure, which sent the euro more than 1.5% lower today, traders in London had a day earlier!? “This was an evening speech under the Chatham House rule, which wouldn’t normally be published. In this case the intention was to publish the speech at the time it was delivered, but ‘an internal procedural error’ meant this didn’t happen until the morning,” an ECB spokesman said.

What to say about that? On my oppinion, this news hit the euro today strongly and I was right when I wrote about that in my previous analysis. But, even that means that someone took advantage in the market, it’s not something we traders should be concerned about. Manipulation or not, all we have to do is follow the technical levels and trade based on them. I know it’s very important to know something like that, but don’t take it to personaly. For us individual traders, it’s not possible to trade ‘based on the privileges’, we have to rely solely on our knowledge. Be careful traders, this is our market as well! 😉

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