EUR/USD, important level for both sides!

eur-usd 14.05.

Euro continues winning series and it want’s a higher levels, but here is the sellers teritory now. Even the euro looks bullish enough for brake true, I don’t see that as an easy move and we could see a hard batlle in the upcoming days. This level is important for both sides because, brake true will lead euro toward daily MA200 and 1.1900 level, hold bellow could return the pair down to 1.1100. Well, I see this level in the favor of the bears now. As you can see, resistance start at 1.1380 all the way to the 1.1530. I wrote about this resistance in my previous EUR/USD analysis. It’s 150 pips range where sellers could keep control over the pair. Only above that level, bulls could get wings for furder gain.

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