GOLD, I am out! – 'LIVE'

gold trade finale 13.05.

I decided to close my trade at my previous and first target, 1215. I am out at 1213.42! There is no point to risk my huge 247 pips trade/gain any more, it’s only one day trade! While I am writing this, I see that gold bulls are trying to brake 1215 like I wrote they will, but hey. There is two daily MA’s here as I wrote in my previous article, 100 at 1210 and 200 at 1219. I can’t play, this is not a game. US dollar is still loosing all over the market, but I must trade based on my analysis. As I always say, trade what you see, not what you think. Well, that’s the main reason why I decided to close my position here. 1220/23 is possible to reach, yes it is. But, I did what I wanted to do. I was calm all day, but when gold reached my first initial target at 1215, I started to be nervous and that’s also not good for make a furder decisions. This gold trade started yesterday with RR 1:6,5 and ended exectly at that ratio. What can I say at the end? After my 4 steps live trading at EUR/USD, now you have my 4 steps live trading with gold as well. I hope that you like my trading presentations, I will try to find another opportunitie, after wich I will write it here soon as I can. Take care and be careful! Bears, you are busted today! 😉

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