EUR/USD, euro recovered!

eur-usd 12.05.

Closing my short ‘NFP position’ now has even more meaning, right!? The euro recovered exactly from the level where I closed my short, from 1.1135/40. Like I said yesterday, my reason for closing was to strong support there and I expected a turnover from that level. As you can see it, that level boosted euro up, started during the night. The pair looks extremely bullish, braking all minnor resistances in front, H1/MA’s 200 & 100 as well, like there is no end. The pair is trying to brake 1.1240/50 now, 1.1280/300 is the next target for the bulls. That level could be a stronger resistance as you know, based on my previous analalysis and trades.


  • Hi Mario, any further updates to your EU plan? I’d like to see what she does now?


  • Really good call. It looks like that you closed almost at the absolute bottom which is really great. It looks like that 1.2787 might be the top of today rally and there is nothing like getting second helpings. There is the old saying ‘sell in May and go away’ and generally Dollar strength is seen in May. However so far the Dollar is marginally stronger from its open at the beginning of the month. However there is lots of May left with plenty of time for things to happen.


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