EUR/USD, my 'NFP position', day two! – 'LIVE'

eur-usd trade 11.05.

Here we are, the second day of my ‘NFP position’ here. As I wrote in my previous article, level aprox 1.1178/83 will be important for the furder development, so it was until now. During the night, the pair broke that support which has become resistance now with high of 1.1195. Like I said, down trendline pushing the pair down as well and that is the second reason why I am still in the short position here. I moved the stop loss lower in positive teritory to 1.1228 today and all I can do now is wait. As you can see, support at 1.1130/40 is holding on the way down for now. At this moment, my position is 120 pips in the positive teritory, SL is placed 54 pips from the entry. Gain is secure now and the question is, how big it will be at the end!? Let’s see.

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