EUR/USD, here we are!

eur-usd 01.05.

My target is reached with high of 1.1284 today, but the euro looks great today again, the same as in the last 7 days, bullish and strong. Well, this could be a preaty strong resistance, but when the currency is bullish enough, resistances fall easily and sellers are retreating at higher levels. Could that happen here? Sure it can, but we have sellers now between 1.1280/300, there is no doubt. You can see, that they were already active today. Daily MA100 is placed at 1.1300 as well and that’s also some kind of resistance as you know. This level is also 23.6 fibo return of the huge July 2014./March 2015. fall. Anyway, great ending the week for the euro would be closing above 1.1300, after wich that level will become support and give the euro bulls extra strenght for the coming weeks. On the way down, first support waits at 1.1185/95, second at 1.1120/30, strong at 1.1050/100. Ok, I am out here, waiting for the end of the week, relaxed. Keep following my analysis! 😉

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