EUR/USD, 23.6 fibo in sight!

eur-usd 29.04.

Based on my analysis and predictions from yesterday, I am very satisfied with todays development at EUR/USD. The pair was supported at 1.0950/65 last night and finaly broke 1.1030/50 today, with high of 1.1177. The bulls have stoped for now at this level, but we could expect furder strenght. As I see it, the bulls are aiming 1.1280/300 as I already wrote, the 23.6 fibo return of the huge July 2014./March 2015. fall. Could it be reached even today? Euro is on the run breaking everything in front, it wouldn’t be surprise for me. As for this current level of 1.1160/80, you can see, that this was temporary support from the end of the February and that’s why the pair has stoped here for now. Keep watching this level and be careful now. On the way back, 1.1095 should be the first support, the previous support from January 26., which is broken today as well.

Warning_icon mala There is FOMC coming up latter on the day, 18:00 h (GMT). Very important data for furder developments in the market! There could be a sharp moves, be careful!

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