GOLD, bulls strike back!

gold 27.04.

Fridays fall was a little strange for me at gold and as I already commented in my previous gold analysis from April 23., the fall could be a search for the buyers at 1178/80 support level. Well, that’s exectly what was happen here. The gold bulls have taken over the game at that level and strongly push the gold back at 1200 level today. Trendline stoped the growth for now, but 1208 could be reached here, even 1220/23, but this levels now are sellers teritory, this could be an interesting battle now.  Great turnover at gold!

One comment

  • Kako pogađaš ove razine na zlatu u 1 usd, to mi nikad nije bilo jasno? 🙂 Pored ovoliko otpora liznuo je ipak 1208 i tu ga opet vraćaju malo nazad.

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