AUD/USD, Aussie still have a problem with the trendline!

aud-usd 16.04.

I hope that you remember my Aussie analysis from April 8., where I pointed at this trendline which holds Aussie on the way up for a long time now. In the last couple of days, the Aussie has tested support at 0.7530/60 for two times and the pair find a decent support at that level again, after wich has pushed strongly up in the last two days. The pair didn’t find stronger resistance on the way up, not until now, when trendline has been hit in combination with the resistance at 0.7760/70. You can see, that first support on the way back is placed at 0.7730, next the stronger one at 0.6770/80. Could Aussie finaly manage to brake true this trendline and open the way to 0.7900/50!?

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