FOMC minutes and the day after!

fomc covered

Post ‘FOMC move’ has covered in total today! EUR/USD gained 425 pips yesterday after FOMC and lose everything today, AUD/USD gained 193 pips after FOMC and lose today more then 200 pips, USD/JPY lose 179 pips after FOMC, gained today the same back. Nasty market like I said before and sharp turnovers! USD is looking very bullish today and more gains are possible on this pairs. The USD bears are in serious test now. Wooow, there is no end of the excitements in these days. Could this pairs hold this levels today? In my last EUR/USD analysis you can see the green up trendline, which one is holding the pair on the way down for hours today. Could that trendline push the EUR/USD up again?

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