EUR/USD, short squeezed, long squeezed!

eur-usd 18.03.

What a day, what a night, what a morning at EUR/USD, wooow! Well, I warned that there will be sharp turnovers everywere and here we are today, back to the begining. It’s not weird and for those who are longer on the market this is usual development after important events, like we had yesterday. Technical levels stop the EUR/USD yesterday, I wrote about that in my previous analysis. During the Asian sesion, 1.0810/20 push the pair up to first resistance at 1.0910/20, the previous resistance from March 09. and H4/MA100, which stoped the pair and hardly return down after, first to brake 1.0810/20 and during the morning, after Europe was open, 1.0670/80! Up trendline stop the fall at 1.0630 and return it to 1.0670. This level should be support today, but… This is forex, were everything is possible, must be on alert 24/7! 🙂

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