GOLD, bears want to test 1132/37!

gold 12.03.

Gold is bearish and it’s falling for 9 days in a row, slowly aproaching to 1132/37, the previous support from November 2014. and the lowest level in the last 4 years. Yesterday the bears has tested first support at 1142/47 and the level has defended, but they are testing that level again today. I wrote about this levels several times in my gold analysis. Last time when gold was under 1132 was in April 2010. You can see, that 1167/72 is holding on the way up, I was write about that in my gold analysis from March 07. The day after, in the begining of the week, gold make a fail brake up, touching 1175, but it turn down again under resistance and stay there until today. Let’s see what next, bears are on the move! The first line of defense is 1147/42!

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