Forex reserves, China Nr.1 with $4 trillion!

forex reserves

An interesting view of the TOP10 leading countries with the highest Forex reserves in 2014. Of course, China is Nr.1, held a total of $4 trillion in various currencies, mainly in United States Treasuries. Sure, the exact composition of China’s foreign reserves is a great mystery. Latest data shows that China had lowered reserves to $3.85 trillion in 2015. but they are still high above the others. As everthing in China in the last 15 years, Forex reserves has rised from $165 billion in 2000., to $4 trillion in 2015. That’s really fascinating. Japan was the largest holder of Treasuries between the years 2000. ($317.7 billion) and September of 2008 ($617.5 billion) when they were supplanted by China who held $618.2 billion in that month. Since then, China has been the Nr. 1 holder of U.S. Treasuries. As you can see, Japan is still in second place, with aprox $1.3 trillion in total.

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