GOLD, what a day!

gold final

As I see, this was the bigist gold turnover since September 18. 2013. Gold opened the day and start the week at 1154, fell down to the 1142 and return over 1148 in the first hour of trading, after wich 1148 become the strong support. When Europe began to trade gold immediately start to rise and catch 1178/80 resistance after three hours and then began a battle between bulls and bears. I think, the bears didn’t excpect such a development today and this was the crucial level to defend for them. After four hours of ‘fighting’ the defend line broke and bulls have taken the control back. After that, there was no doubt that the bulls will continue to push gold up, the only question was, where will gold end this fabulous day. With 1221 as the high of the day, that was the 79 usd range change, low/high and +57 usd gold daily gain, after gold close the day at 1211. All I can say is, that I have enjoyed watching this today and be the part of the market, this is why I love ‘this game’. FX rules! 🙂

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