Gold, step by step!

gold 19.11.

Gold is looking bullish here as I mantioned at my previous gold analyis and still heading up. Steady for now and supported with 50.0 fibo return from the October 21. –> November 07. fall at 1292. On the way up H4/MA200 is holding for now at 1202/04, stronger resistance is at 1208/10. Could gold bulls try to attack that point? 61.8 fibo return of the October 21. –> November 07. fall, and 38.2 fibo return of the July 10. –> November 07. fall. If gold bulls manage to do this and it looks like they could try, 1228/30 is reachable as well. If support at 1292 brakes, stronger one at 1178/82 will wait for bears! Be aware of the FOMC minutes today at 19:00 h (GMT), that could shake the gold up/down.


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