Friday, the golden day!

gold 14.11. dva

Last friday gold was sharply rebounded from the 4 year low level, and if that was ‘sharp’ how can we call this rebound today? Rocketed!? I was pointed earlyer today on my gold analysis that 1147/50 could be a minor support, but that level today has become a ‘lounch ramp’. What now? Gold hit strong weekly resistance with 1180 high of the day. It was not surprise that gold will be stopped here again and on my oppinion, there is no easy way for gold to brake that resistance now, but everything is possible. If bulls manage to do that, they could reach their territory. USD profit tanking at the end of the week is not surprise for me, but strong like that I didn’t expect today. I thought this move will hapen before two days, when gold has a perfect setup for the move like this. I predict and anounce this move on my analysis at November 12.


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